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Wheel Alignment in Bexleyheath

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Professional & Reliable Wheel Alignment at Dynes Motor Group

Here at Dynes we are pleased to offer wheel alignment, also known as tracking. We strongly believe this to be a vital part of smooth and safe car operation, as misalignment can have a huge effect on the safety of your vehicle.

Cars can become misaligned as a result of hitting kerbs, potholes and general road bumps, effecting, grip and control as well as causing premature wear to tyres.

We can offer your vehicle the utmost care, including a fantastic wheel alignment service. Our team of highly trained professionals can thoroughly assess your vehicle using our latest technology, and will proceed to make any wheel adjustments that are needed to regulate your car back to manufacturer specifications.

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Accurate Wheel Alignment Services

At Dynes Motor Group, we have the equipment necessary to perform accurate pin-point wheel alignment and balancing. Our professional and friendly technicians are highly-trained to carry out this alignments so you can trust that your car’s wheels will be sorted to prevent any unusual wear patterns of your tyres or any erratic pulling to one side of your vehicle or vibrations.

Why is it Important to Get a Wheel Alignment?

If your wheels aren’t aligned or balanced properly, it can drastically affect the performance of the steering of your vehicle. If they are not aligned properly, you will probably notice it when driving. It is important to take your vehicle to our garage as soon as you notice a difference in the steering of your vehicle as it can be very dangerous to drive. For example, your car could be pulling to one side which makes it harder to control. It could also affect how quickly your tyres wear, which can give you less grip on the road which is especially dangerous in extreme weathers.

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