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Why is wheel alignment so important?

Wheel alignment is a crucial aspect of your car’s steering, yet we’ve noticed it’s one of the most neglected as well. There are a whole host of benefits correct wheel alignment can bring to you – here’s just a few of them.

What is wheel alignment?

Essentially, wheel alignment is the alignment of your wheels and your chassis. Each tyre should be fitted in parallel to the central line of your car to avoid any steering problems and excessive tyre wear. It can be affected by minor collisions such as bumping a kerb or driving over a pothole and should be checked every time you fit a new tyre or when you notice handling issues.

Incorrect wheel alignment leads to a loss of control

If your wheels are misaligned, they’ll either be pointing inwards or outwards too much. Even if it’s by a small amount, it can have an effect on how well your car drives, especially if it’s one of the drive wheels on your car that’s incorrectly aligned. You might feel vibrations in the steering wheel or accelerator and your car might drift across lanes. If you feel like you’re fighting with the steering wheel to keep your car in a straight line, your wheel alignment could be to blame.

It can have an effect on your tyres as well

Tyres are a crucial part of wheel alignment. Correct alignment ensures your tyres rotate evenly and wear normally. Your tyres might wear much faster if your wheel alignment is significantly misaligned as one section of the tyre will come into contact with the road more often than another. This is caused by friction and could lead to bald spots on sections of the tyre. If you ever notice a bald spot, or that one of your tyres seems to be degrading faster than the others, you’ll benefit from a wheel alignment service.

Here at Dynes Motor Group in Bexley Heath, we take wheel alignment seriously. It’s far too important to ignore as you could end up spending too much money on tyres and suspension repairs. We offer a highly affordable wheel alignment service for every driver so, if you think you have, or are developing, a problem with your alignment, why not book an appointment online today?

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