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What's different about a hybrid car service

We’re seeing more and more hybrid cars on the roads as the automotive industry embraces alternative technology. New tech always brings new challenges and that includes servicing changes for hybrid cars. But what are these changes and how do they make a hybrid car service different to a traditional one?

The main difference with a hybrid car service is the sensitive electronics

A hybrid car is driven by both a petrol engine and an electric motor. This electric motor plays a crucial role in reducing your emissions and fuel consumption and can power the car for short periods of time, such as the acceleration period between 0 and 15 mph. The electric motor requires a special level of care and attention to maintain the performance and economy you expect from your hybrid car. This maintenance is far more complicated than anything on a traditional car, so additional training known as an IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) certification.

There are less traditional components to repair and replace

The electric motor, generator and regenerative braking features of a hybrid all have their unique components which might need to be repaired and replaced. However, due to the fact there is less strain placed on other aspects of the car, such as the brakes, they are less likely to need replacing. The electric regenerative braking does a lot of the work to reduce the strain on the brakes, decreasing the natural wear and tear on these components.

There are a few similarities between a hybrid car service and a regular service

A hybrid car service involves maintenance of the same components as a regular service. Other than the electric motor, a hybrid car isn’t that different to a combustion vehicle. This means that the cost of a service is roughly the same for both vehicles and it won’t take a garage any longer to service your hybrid, so long as they have the specialist skills require to look after a hybrid vehicle.

If you own a hybrid car and need a service in Bexley Heath, Dynes Motor Group can help! We have IMI qualified technicians to deliver an expert hybrid car service for you – enquire online today about an appointment

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