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Here’s your handy, easy to follow MOT checklist

Over a third of all MOTs are failed each year – but are some of those problems avoidable? Is there anything we can do before our MOT test to improve our chances of passing? Well, with this quick and simple pre-MOT checklist from Dynes Motor Group, you can! It might not solve some deeper underlying issues, but it will certainly go some way towards improving your chances of a first-time MOT pass.

Engine checks are an important part of your MOT checklist

Let’s start under the bonnet. Oil and screen wash are two important parts of the pre-MOT checklist which can both lead to MOT failure if they aren’t topped up. Your screen wash is a simple visual check – if the level is low, it needs topping up!

To check your oil, first locate the dipstick. Pull that all the way out, clean it, re-insert it and pull it out again. If your oil is much closer to the minimum than the maximum line, top it up with the correct engine oil for your car. Your vehicle handbook is a great place to start to find out what this is for your car.

Always check all your lights

Over 17% of all MOT failures are due to faulty bulbs! As part of your MOT checklist, switch every light on and walk around your car to make sure the bulbs are bright enough. Get someone to stand behind your car to check your brake lights as well. If any bulbs are faulty or dim, make sure you change them before your MOT test!

Keep the way ahead clear, inside and out

Your visibility should be unimpeded. That means your fluffy dice or excessive air-fresheners might need to come down! Chips or cracks should be repaired before your test as excessive damage to your windscreen can result in a failed MOT.

As well as that, de-clutter your car! Messy footwells can affect your safety as something might get caught under the brake pedal and affect your braking. Your horn should also be loud enough to alert other drivers when necessary and your seatbelts damage-free and well-restraining.

Wheels and tyres to finish your pre-MOT checklist

The final part of your pre-MOT checklist is to check your tyres. Your tread depth should be at least 1.6mm deep and your tyres free from damage or punctures. Use a 20 pence piece to check for tread depth – if you can see the entire inner rim, your tyres are illegal! Make sure to change any unsafe tyres before your MOT test.

So, there you have it! A comprehensive but easy-to-follow MOT checklist for your vehicle. There might still be another problem lurking that you can’t see, but it’ll help improve your chances of passing your MOT test. If you think yours is due soon, book an appointment online with Dynes Motor Group in Bexley Heath today.

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