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Here at Dynes we are pleased to offer wheel alignment, also known as tracking. We strongly believe this to be a vital part of smooth and safe car operation, as misalignment can have a huge effect on the safety of your vehicle.

Cars can become misaligned as a result of hitting kerbs, potholes and general road bumps, effecting, grip and control as well as causing premature wear to tyres.

We can offer your vehicle the utmost care, including a fantastic wheel alignment service. Our team of highly trained professionals can thoroughly assess your vehicle using our latest technology, and will proceed to make any wheel adjustments that are needed to regulate your car back to manufacturer specifications.

To help you understand a little more about the terminology that we use when referring to the wheel alignment, we have written out the meanings of some key phrases below:

In automotive engineering, the term “Toe” refers to the angle in which the front of the tyre points to. These angles are symmetrical to each other. “Toe Out” means the front of the tyres are angled away from the centre of the vehicle, whereas “Toe In” means the front of the tyres are angled towards the centre of the vehicle.

The term “Chamber” is referring to the vertical angle of the wheels on a vehicle. A “Negative Chamber” is when the bottom of the wheel is angled outwards; a “Positive Chamber” is when the top of the wheel angled outwards.

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Dynes maintain our fleet of cars and light commercial vehicles and supply us with a comprehensive Tyre Management service for our entire fleet which includes trucks up to 44 Tonnes GVW. A total of more than 100 vehicles.

Customer service is paramount and this is what Dynes Auto services provide, along with first time fixes and a sensible pricing policy.

Dynes are able to give us peace of mind where our fleet is concerned providing a friendly and efficient service with really knowledgeable people to speak to who understand and meet our expectations.

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